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Our Clients

At RMR Capital Management, we take pride in the partnerships we develop with our clients. We prefer to work with a limited number of individuals and families so that we can most effectively help them achieve their objectives.

Our target clients are:

Delegators. They understand that we are expert guides and advocates, not salespeople. They know that being open with us about their financial lives, and implementing our recommendations, puts them in the best position to achieve their goals.

Goal setters. Our clients see the value of clear, defined goals. They don’t just want to “beat the market.” They want to help their kids or grandkids fund their education. They want to retire comfortably. They want to support people and causes that matter to them.

Partners. Building a financial future requires long-term partnership. Our clients are committed and in it for the long haul.

Realists. Our clients don’t want the runaround, and they don’t want far-fetched promises. They have reasonable expectations, and they want the truth about where they stand, how they’re doing and whether their goals are in reach.